Bus Schedule - Monarch Academy Global Laurel

Virtual/hybrid learning is in effect at Monarch Academy schools.

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PHONE: 301.886.8648

On school days, main office phone is answered from 8am – 4pm

School Day Hours

K-5th Grades: 8:30am – 3pm
6-8th Grades: 8:30am - 2:45pm

Bus Schedule

Monarch Global Routes Hybrid Learning 2020-21

StopPick UpDrop Off
Bus 1Whiskey Bottom @ Woodland Hills8:04 AM3:12 PM
Whiskey Bottom @ Winding Trail8:06 AM3:14 PM
Whiskey Bottom @ Stone Hill Ln8:08 AM3:16 PM

StopPick UpDrop Off
Bus 2Russett Grn W @ Elderberry Ct7:53 AM3:15 PM
Russett Grn W @ 2nd Pineywood Pl7:54 AM3:16 PM
Lyndhurst St @ Shadow Park Dr7:58 AM3:18 PM
Shadow Park @ Finchleigh St7:59 AM3:19 PM
Woodland Hills @ Claymont8:06 AM3:14 PM
Kindercare (On Ridgemere)8:09 AM3:21 PM
Whiskey Bottom @ Yellow Flower Rd8:14 AM3:23 PM

StopPick UpDrop Off
Bus 3Jessup Park @ Montevideo Rd7:40 AM3:25 PM
Russett Grn E @ Lindenwood Dr7:55 AM3:14 PM
Lindenwood Dr @ Russett Grn W7:58 AM3:16 PM
In Front of Target8:00 AM3:12 PM
Maryland City Elementary8:05 AM3:11 PM
Horizon Apts8:11 AM3:10 PM

StopPick UpDrop Off
Bus 48334 Canyon Oak Dr7:42 AM3:45 PM
Provinces Park7:45 AM3:35 PM
Bayou Bend @ 1st Shoreline Dr8:00 AM3:12 PM
Bayou Bend @ Lost Creek8:01 AM3:13 PM
Lost Creek @ Oxbow8:02 AM3:14 PM
Oxbow @ Old Channel Rd8:03 AM3:15 PM
Oxbow @ Redwing Rd8:07 AM3:18 PM
Russett Grn E @ Forest Haven DR8:11 AM3:19 PM

StopPick UpDrop Off
Bus 5Russett Grn E @ Faraway Hills Dr8:05 AM3:22 PM
3329 Suddlersville South8:15 AM3:10 PM
Russett Grn W @ Marcy Creek8:00 AM3:17 PM
Russett Grn E @ Burning Springs8:04 AM3:21 PM

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