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The Children’s Guild is an organization that puts the needs of the whole child in focus. Our students’ mental, emotional, and social well-being is just as important as their academic success.

Our school counselor from Monarch Academy Annapolis, Nikki Pritchett-Johnson, has written a children’s book helping them manage their mental, emotional, and social needs. Monarch Academy Annapolis, is an IB World School that provides students with mental, social, and emotional instruction and project-based learning opportunities to foster an environment where students can thrive inside and outside the classroom. This week Nikki Pritchett-Johnson‘s theme for her classes is finding a purpose through joy, where she shares and reads her book to Kindergarten and 5th grade classrooms. Enjoy her journey in the classroom as she shares mental, emotional, and social health techniques with students.

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See Monarch Academy Annapolis school counselor, Nikki Pritchett-Johnson discuss her inspiration and purpose of her book “Purpose through Joy.”

The Journey To Become An Author

Lessons Learned From Purposed Through Joy

Finding Inspiration Through Purpose

When One Journey Ends Often Another One Begins

Don’t Let Rocks Get In Your Way

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