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Monarch Glen Burnie requires uniforms. Please see the attached links for information on ordering uniforms.
Boys Uniform | Girls Uniform
Do we have to purchase uniforms from a “special company”?
No, you may buy your uniforms from any company or store that you want to purchase from. We do have a company that will monogram your uniforms … see the attached flyer for all the details.
Do shirts have to monogrammed?

No, shirts either must have the Monarch monogram or be completely plain. No other logo is allowed ever it if is really small.

What color shirts do you allow?
Navy Blue (preferred), powder blue and white ONLY
Are students allowed to wear boots? (Ugg, Snow, etc.)
Yes however the pant leg must be wide enough to cover the boot. Pants may not be tucked into boots. Skinny jean-type pants are NOT allowed.
What can my child wear beyond the basic uniform to stay warm?

The only extra garments we will allow during the school day is a navy blue sweatshirt (with or without a hood and/or zipper) or a navy blue sweater/vest. The garment may have the Monarch logo or be completely plain — no other logos allowed.

During the winter — children can wear a winter coat to school but it must be removed and hung up for the day. When we go on field work (especially in the fall and spring) students must wear the navy blue sweatshirt or sweater … if they choose they can put a winter coat on top. No other colored sweatshirts/sweaters may be worn on field work.

We strongly ask that you do not send your child to school in a non-approved sweatshirt or sweater as it causes a problem if your child gets cold and has nothing to put on. We are going to strongly enforce this norm in the 2015-16 school year and your child will have to remove any non-approved sweatshirts, sweaters or non-approved jackets.

Are girls allowed to wear shorts?
Yes — both boys and girls can wear modest shorts in the color of Khaki — modest means to the knee or very close to the knee
What defines a “skinny jean’-type pant?
All pants must have wide enough legs so that a boot would fit inside (even if the child is not wearing a boot). Skinny jean-type pants will not be allowed at Monarch.
Are children allowed to wear “cargo” pants (with large pockets)?
No — cargo pants are not allowed.
Are girls allowed to wear boots with a skirt, shorts or a skort?
Students are not allowed to wear boots with a skirt, shorts or skort… Per the policy … boots may only be worn with pants that cover the boots.


Uniform Protocol

Dress Code

Research indicates that schools using uniforms have a stronger school culture and students perform better. We encourage our students to dress for success. We enforce the dress code guidelines to help keep an orderly school environment focused on learning. Students who come to school with clothing that violates school policy are asked to change into clean clothing that we keep at the school or to call a parent for a change of clothing. The dress code is described in detail below.

On a regular school day, all students are required to wear the basic uniform, which includes:

  • Pants: Khaki colored through brown tone pants, short, skirt, or skorts (no denim or navy blue). Pants must be a uniform style (no Cargo pants or “skinny” pants)
  • Dresses: One piece dresses or jumpers in either khaki or navy blue. Leggings in white, beige, navy, black or brown may be worn underneath.
  • Shirts: Polo shirt (short and long sleeve) navy blue (preferred), white or light blue (no designs other than Monarch Academy logo will be allowed)Long sleeve turtle neck or crew neck shirts in navy blue (preferred), white, or light blue Navy blue (preferred), white or light blue oxford shirtsWingspan navy blue t-shirtTies are optional
  • Footwear: Socks in colors of white, beige, navy, black or brownTights in colors of white, beige, navy, black or brownClose toed shoes – any color or style but must fit the following description:
  • Canvas, leather, or synthetic leather uppers
  • Soft-soled rubber bottoms
  • Lace up, closed by Velcro, or elastic pulls
  • Boots may be worn but must be covered by the pant leg – (do not tuck pants inside boots)
  • Shoe MAY NOT light up or have wheels. Shoes may be low-tops or high-tops … but not higher than the ankle.

In addition to our basic uniform, the following may be worn inside:

  • Sweaters: With or without a hood, navy blue (no designs other than Monarch Academy designs will be allowed)
  • Sweatshirts: With or without a hood, navy blue (no designs other than Monarch Academy designs will be allowed)
  • Layers: In the colder months, student may layer shirt items but all items must be either navy blue (preferred), white, or light blue (no designs other than Monarch Academy designs will be allowed)

The garments below are NOT considered part of our school uniform, and are not to be worn in the classroom without permission:

  • Logo sweatshirts
  • Sweatpants, jeans or leggings worn to school as part of the uniform
  • T-shirts (except the Wingspan t-shirt)
  • Cargo pants with side pockets
  • Sweat pants
  • Skinny jeans
  • Flip flops, open toed sandals, high heel shoes or any shoe that lights up or has wheels

During winter months, snow boots may be worn to school but the uniform pant must be worn overtop – do not tuck pants inside

We expect students to attend school wearing clothing that is clean, neat, and appropriate to a serious learning environment. Shorts, skirts, and skirt slits should not be more than 2 inches above the knee. Additionally, students must remove sunglasses, excessive jewelry, coats, hats, caps, knit hats, bandannas and outdoor headgear (such as wool headbands) before entering the school building. Headgear maybe confiscated if worn repeatedly in the building and held in the office for a parent to pick up. We believe strongly that students, just like adults, need a balance of both physical and mental activity, and to spend time in outside environments. Students will spend time in outdoor activities throughout the year, unless it is raining or there are extreme temperatures. Please provide your child with climate appropriate apparel and sunscreen as needed. Snow pants, boots, gloves, hats, and scarves may be kept at school during the winter months.

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