Meet the Staff

Our 2019-2020 staff:


Donna O’Shea Principal
Emily Abell Assistant Principal 3rd-5th grade
Michael McDowell Assistant Principal Middle School
Latrice Wiggins Assistant Principal Kindergarten-2nd grade

Office Staff!

Taylor Sank Business Manager
Ghislenny Gonzalez Registrar
Korey Nicholson Attendance and Transportation

Support Staff!

Tania Chandler Counselor
Brittany Robey Psychologist
Renee May Social Worker
Nichole Dennis Behavior Coach
Hydacin Hill Behavior Coach
Shannon Clarke Behavior Assistant
Edmund Appiah Behavior Assistant
Beth Matthews PYP Coordinator
Kerri Rogers Math IG
Michelle Ballenger Math IG
Cherryll Clacks Stem IG
Lauren Grace RSA/HAL IG
Heather Carnaghan PBL IG
Jaime Mierzwa Reading Specialist
Rachel Noonan Interventionist


Allison Kane
Kimberly Ledford
Brooke Syring

First Grade!

Christa Cianchetta
Amber Smith
Amy Knoblauch
Maggie Gray

Second Grade!

Cristina Black
Allison Meirick
Angie Calloway
Shannon O’Neil

Third Grade!

Lyndsy Marino
Shelby Burton 
Kelly Pontow pontowk@;
Jessica Deinlein

Fourth Grade!

Tamiko Gomez
Devon Paterson
Kristina Hedges
Shannon Farrell

Fifth Grade!

Patricia Medeiros
Kathryn Sacha
Star Vazquez
Timothy Woods


Sixth Grade!

Michael Donnelly
Deidra Lazard
Matthew D’Ercole
Aubrey Mason

Sixth Grade Back to School Night Presentation:


Seventh Grade!

Danielle Crosby
Jen McCarthy
Shane Conrad
Michael Nelson


Eighth Grade!

Noelle Brillant Humm
Erik Booker
Samantha Stein
Kayla Johnson


Cultural Arts Teachers!

Stephanie Kiefer Media
Mary Haas Media
Jordan Snellenberger Music
Ethan Hart Music
Christina Bonavita-Wolf Music
Kaitlyn Shaw Art Middle School
Paige Olsen Art Elementary
Meg Nemeth Art Intergration
Karen Jordan Pfarr Kinesiology Elementary
Justin Long Kinesiology Middle School 
Maria Cummings Spanish Middle School
Emily Smith Spanish Elementary 


Resource Teachers!

Leslie Zuercher Sublett Special Ed Department Chair
Pam Stein Special Ed Department Chair
Sarah Kerno Special Ed
Sarah Weller-Bentivegna Special Ed
Rhonda Owen Special Ed
Amy Rubin Speech
Liza DiConstantio- Brown OT
Edison Cabrera-Manalo ESOL
Heather DePalma ESOL
Jenny Alonzo Bilingual TA


Additional Staff!

Krysta Guerrero Nurse
Simone Jackson Health Assistant
Anna Meeker Cafe Manager
Larry Wilson Facility Manager
Gary Cooper Site Crew
Greg Green Site Crew




Farzana Jabeen Kindergarten
Lucy Lopez Kindergarten
Rayanna White Kindergarten
Najely Brizuela First Grade
Tori Blackwell First Grade
Leilani Alvarenga First Grade
Tina Colding First Grade
Jean Gatcomb Second Grade
Qua’Yana Gordon Third Grade
Tasheca Plummer Fourth Grade
Akiya Briggs Fifth Grade
Cherie Bristow Special Ed
Sophia Oppido Special Ed
Trevell Moreland Special Ed
Marian Saunders-Brookings Special Ed
Mary Burke-Hueffemeier Interventions
Seema Akbar Media
Peggy Hurtt Cultural Arts
Andrea Castillo- McAleer Floater
Carla Hunter MS
Perlie Jones Floater













Monarch campuses are currently closed and with distance learning students participating in summer school/ESY programming. For a listing of free meals sites for children ages 2 to 18, go to View our resource Talking to Children about COVID-19 and Managing their Social and Emotional Needs.