Alumni Assocation

Monarch Academy’s alumni are an important part of our community. We love seeing and hearing from our alumni. The Monarch Alumni Association is a group focused on bolstering our network of alumni, encouraging our alumni to come visit the campus and participate in events, and planning alumni gatherings.

Through the Alumni Association, we will be able to hold reunions and invite the students back to speak to younger generations of Monarch Academy students. This can be the foundation of a continued resource for your child. Job opportunities and internships can be found, successes trumpeted, and additional supports provided during the school years within our Alumni Association. Who knows, some alumni may even serve as members of the school’s Board of Directors in adulthood.

The time  spent at Monarch was special and we hope to continue to help you maintain these relationships through the establishment of an Alumni Association.

Alumni Association

If you haven’t already, please join our Alumni Association group pages by promoted class on Facebook.

Class of 2013 on Facebook

Class of 2014 on Facebook

Class of 2015 on Facebook

Class of 2016 on Facebook

That’s where you’ll find the latest news about our upcoming events and opportunities to visit Monarch Academy.

Come and Visit

All alumni are welcome back on campus anytime! Join us for a weekly assembly, attend a special event, or just pop in. Everyone would love to see you.

Per an order from the State School Superintendent, all Monarch campuses are closed through the end of school year and students will continue with distance learning. Free meals to children ages 2 to 18 are available while schools are closed. Additional school closing details and a list of meal sites, can be found on AACPS’s website. View our resource Talking to Children about COVID-19 and Managing their Social and Emotional Needs.