Culture & Community

TranZed is an organizational philosophy and set of operating principles that is used to create and manage a culture designed to promote change and growth in children and the professionals who educate and care for them.

The result is a culture:

  1. That is flexible enough to continually adapt to the needs of students and a turbulent environment by innovating as needed and supporting best practices for educating and caring for children;
  2. Where the needs of the adults are subordinate to the needs of the children, i.e., management and professional staff focus is on how the adult thinks and act in response to children’s needs rather than how children behave; and that radiates the values and life skills needed to have a successful life.

Per an order from the State School Superintendent, all Monarch campuses are closed through the end of school year and students will continue with distance learning. Free meals to children ages 2 to 18 are available while schools are closed. Additional school closing details and a list of meal sites, can be found on AACPS’s website. View our resource Talking to Children about COVID-19 and Managing their Social and Emotional Needs.