TranZed School Model (Transformation Education)

The mission of Monarch Academy is to design a school culture that produces students who are prepared for high school by being able to think critically, problem solve creatively, to learn how to learn, be self-disciplined, and who understand that the goal of life is to serve a cause larger than one’s self.

The Transformation Education (TranZed) school model is rooted in the belief that culture is the best and most effective vehicle for educating and socializing children. TranZed is an organizational philosophy infused into the pillars of an organization to improve outcomes for children and families. This is done through the use of a set of operating tools that harnesses a child serving organization’s culture so that the values of caring contribution and commitment are integrated into the design of its physical environment, its operating systems, its instructional approach and its employees’ mindset and behavior. TranZed also creates a brain-compatible environment consistent with how a child’s brain learns.

The culture that is created produces students who are able to critically think, creatively problem solve, are self disciplined, and who understand that the goal of life is to serve a cause larger than one’s self. A TranZed school understands that a school’s culture is largely determined by the mindset and the actions of the principal and the staff. They determine the messages that radiate from the pillars that form the school’s culture. Given this understanding a TranZed school spends its time aligning its mission with how the principal and the faculty think and act.  Therefore, it is assumed that the student’s performance and mindset is largely an extension of the mindset of the principal and the faculty.




Monarch campuses are currently closed and with distance learning students participating in summer school/ESY programming. For a listing of free meals sites for children ages 2 to 18, go to View our resource Talking to Children about COVID-19 and Managing their Social and Emotional Needs.