Meet the Staff

Meet our 2019/20 Monarch Academy Staff:


Kim Jakovics Principal
Joel Garcia Asst. Principal
Tina Joseph Asst. Principal



Kaitlyn Chubb Kindergarten
 Caroline Isaacs Kindergarten
 Katharine McQuade Kindergarten
 Ashley Bergersen Kindergarten/1st

First Grade

Cathy Prola 1st Grade
Christine Burke 1st Grade
Tina Mikula 1st Grade

Second Grade

Sonja Bolotin 2nd Grade
Jenna Legambi 2nd Grade
Molly Malloy 2nd Grade
Stephanie Besley 2nd Grade

Third Grade

Ashley McElroy 3rd Grade
Kandice Brune 3rd Grade
Tim McCaffrey 3rd Grade
Bryanne Miller 3rd Grade

Fourth Grade

Amanda Oswinkle 4th Grade
Erin McQuate 4th Grade
Lacy Tant 4th Grade
Bernecia Aughtry 4th Grade

Fifth Grade

Romanita Jones 5th Grade
Ben Noetzel 5th Grade
Jenn Smith 5th Grade
Vanessa Deni 5th Grade

Sixth Grade

 Amy Duffy 6th Grade
 Jennifer Pecor 6th Grade
 Josh Thompson 6th Grade
Candy Panim 6th Grade

Seventh Grade

Tracy Krol 7th Grade
Jeff Friedman 7th Grade
 Nick Bazemore 7th Grade
Denise Chadwick 7th Grade

Eighth Grade

JP Bennett 8th Grade
 Erika Brown 8th Grade
Daniel Thayer 8th Grade
Kate Smith 8th Grade
Rebekah Seitz 8th Grade


Cultural Arts

Charles Alexander Music
David Brown Art
Pat Fetherman PE
Jennifer Quechol Foreign Language
Samantha Green Art
Oliver Lippy PE
Sarah Easley Media Specialist
Kenzie Turk Music
Joe Wollschlager PE


Support Staff

Kim Einolf Dean of Students
 Dave Doane School Psychologist
Liza Brown-Dicostantino Occupational Therapist
Danielle Crankfield School Counselor
Jennifer Bower School Counselor
Carie Czajkowski IEP Facilitator
 Lindsey Edwards Reading Specialist
Meghan Dean Instructional Guide
Jennifer Madarang 504 Clerk
Moriah Hall Speech Therapist
Barb Kisling Secretary
Jonathan Monroe Instructional Technology TA
Robert Noble Instructional Guide
Crystal Gross Enrollment Secretary

Nicky Kaler Front Desk Secretary
Elizabeth Medlock Math Instructional Specialist
Angie Zazzera School Nurse


Per an order from the State School Superintendent, all Monarch campuses are closed through the end of school year and students will continue with distance learning. Free meals to children ages 2 to 18 are available while schools are closed. Additional school closing details and a list of meal sites, can be found on AACPS’s website. View our resource Talking to Children about COVID-19 and Managing their Social and Emotional Needs.