Letter to Monarch Families – Sept. 25, 2019

Dear Monarch Families:

Some of you have undoubtedly seen the news reports regarding a bus driver who was recently found in a bus along Route 100 and subsequently charged with driving under the influence. The incident occurred just prior to the driver traveling to Monarch Academy Glen Burnie to pick up students and transport them home from school.

As a result of the incident, the driver is not eligible to drive students anywhere in Anne Arundel County or in the state of Maryland. She has not been on a bus since the incident.

Both The Children’s Guild Alliance – which operates the three Monarch schools in Anne Arundel County – and Anne Arundel County Public Schools have a longstanding relationship with the contractor of the company for which this driver was working. We have been in contact with officials at the company to express our concern. They certainly share that concern. The company operates routes for Monarch Global Academy Laurel as well as Monarch Academy Glen Burnie, while a separate contractor operates routes for Monarch Academy Annapolis.

I want to be absolutely clear that at no time on the day of the incident or any other day has any staff member at any of our schools observed a driver and believed them to be impaired. I assure you that if that occurred, we would not have put children on a bus. We have reiterated with staff at all three schools the need to be vigilant when it comes to making sure those with whom we entrust our students are capable of doing so and prepared to perform their duties.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at lanek@childrensguild.org or 410-444-3800.

We are currently launching a new website for childrensguild.org, please be aware some links to that website may not be working at this time.