Monarch Academy Baltimore Hosts Hungry Harvest SNAP Market

The Hungry Harvest SNAP Market was so successful this month that we sold out of food. The SNAP Market was held on Wednesday, May 23rd from 1:00pm-3:30 pm in the food pantry at The Children’s Guild’s Monarch Academy Baltimore Public Charter School.


The Hungry Harvest SNAP Market is a program that rescues fresh fruits and vegetables from stores that are unable to sell all of their produce. The SNAP Market provides an assortment of these fresh fruits and vegetables directly to the Monarch staff, their families, and residents of the surrounding Baltimore community at a reduced price of $7.00 per bag.

Many of the sale items at the SNAP Market included nectarines, pink lady apples, broccoli crowns, zucchini, carrots, cubanelle peppers, watermelon, butternut squash, asparagus, spinach, beefsteak tomatoes, red onions, and black plums.

We look forward to hosting another great Hungry Harvest SNAP Market at Monarch Academy Baltimore on Wednesday, June 13th from 1:00pm-3:30 pm.