Clubs & Elective Classes

Extra-curricular activities and student engagement stimulate a diversity of learning styles and multiple intelligences.

Elective ClassesClasses that are taken each day for a 60 minute block. These classes are required for a middle school student to be promoted to the next grade.   They include such classes as PE, Art, Music, World Language, Technology, etc.nhs

  1. Dance/Drama
  2. Band
  3. Orchestra
  4. Chorus
  5. Ceramics
  6. Music Theory
  7. Visual Arts
  8. Zumba
  9. Entrepreneurship

Enrichment Classes – Classes that students get to choose from in order to further their academic interests in a specific area. These classes are during a 45 minute block. They are taught by intervention teachers, classroom teachers, elective teachers, and other certified staff.

  1. Science Olympiad
  2. Robotics
  3. Honors Math
  4. Debate

Wednesday Clubs – Classes that are taken by the 5th-7th grade classes. These classes are geared more towards the students’ interests to expand their personal skills. Students choose a club that they would like to be in and attend that club for 90 minutes each Wednesday of the school year. These clubs are taught by classroom teachers, elective teachers, and other certified staff.

  1. Current Events/Debate
  2. Vomper Ambassadors
  3. Graphic Novels
  4. National Junior Honor Society
  5. Science Olympiad
  6. Guitar
  7. Baking
  8. American Sign Language
  9. Yearbook
  10. Dance/Drama
  11. Gymnastics
  12. Basketball/Lacrosse
  13. Journalism
  14. Honors Math
  15. Pretty Brown Girls
  16. Jazz Band
  17. Step Team
  18. Honors Choir