Sibling Policy

In order for siblings to be considered under the Sibling Preference Policy, the  parent or guardian must complete and submit an application for each child  they wish to enroll in the Monarch Academy and select either Option A or  Option B for the lottery process. If separate applications are not received for  each sibling, then they do not qualify for enrollment under the Sibling Preference  Policy.

If one child is already enrolled at the Monarch Academy and has siblings that  become eligible to attend, the parent or guardian must complete and submit an  application for each additional eligible child. Once the application(s) has been  verified, siblings of current Monarch students will be placed in the appropriate  grade, space permitting. If the grade is full, the sibling will be placed on that  grade’s Sibling Waiting List.

Lottery Options

Option “A”: The family will be issued one card with all siblings names listed.

During the lottery, if the family card is drawn all siblings listed will be placed in the appropriate grade(s), space permitting. If a grade is already full, the sibling  will be placed on that grade’s Sibling Waiting List. Names on the Sibling Waiting List will take preference over names on the General Waiting List. The Sibling Preference Policy is dependent on available space and does  not  guarantee enrollment for each sibling.

Option “B”: Each sibling will have his/her own card. No sibling preference  will be provided until the following school year. The waiting lists will be valid through the last day of school for students, with an annual lottery held each spring to develop new lists.